A new Pacific storm is moving in from the south ushering in strong winds, heavy rain and mild temperatures for Tuesday. 

Rain will begin through the morning across Metro Vancouver and will ramp up through the afternoon. Rainfall totals by Tuesday night could be over 40 mm for parts of the North Shore, but much less for southern sections of Vancouver.

Winds will also be a story. They will ramp up from the southeast Tuesday morning. High tide Tuesday will happen around 8 a.m. PT so there is a moderate risk for a storm surge in the Point Atkinson area. King tides (the highest tides this season) will happen Wednesday morning. 

Temperatures will be mild as this system ushers in warmer air — Vancouver will likely hit 7 C Tuesday afternoon. Snow levels will be rising close to 2,000 metres so the local mountains will see some rain.

Rain should ease to showers for Wednesday morning and Metro Vancouver should catch a bit of a break Thursday and Friday with temperatures coming back down to seasonal.

vancouver rainfall totals jan 11th 2015

Rainfall totals will be much higher for the North Shore over the next 24 hours. (Johanna Wagstaffe/CBC)

However, at this point, all indications are pointing to a stormy-looking weekend.