Wagstaffe's Weather: Showers return to Vancouver Friday

A new Pacific system will skim Vancouver for Friday as it slides south, bringing cooler air and showers.

Showers are back for the South Coast, but so is the mountain snow

A few breaks this weekend but an otherwise cool and showery week ahead. (Johanna Wagstaffe/CBC)

An overcast start to Friday for Vancouver will give way to rounds of showers through the day. 

An ocean system will slide onto the Pacific coast by mid-morning. The bulk of the rain, and the warm air, will actually move south of Vancouver into Washington.

Southern B.C. will get the cooler side of the system, meaning snow levels will be at about 1,000 metres over the next few days. The local mountains should pick up around 10 centimetres of snow through Friday.

Temperatures for Vancouver will get up to around 7 C during the day, but will go down to the low single digits overnight.

Conditions will clear up a bit for Saturday — some sunny breaks along with a few lingering showers are not out of the question.

Showers will return for Sunday at this point. 

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Johanna Wagstaffe

Senior Meteorologist

Johanna Wagstaffe is a senior meteorologist for CBC, covering weather and science stories, with a background in seismology and earth science. Her weekly segment, Science Smart, answers viewers' science-related questions.


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