A disciplinary hearing is scheduled to begin Wednesday for a Vancouver police officer who pushed a disabled woman to the ground two years ago.

A surveillance video shows Const. Taylor Robinson shoving Sandy Davidsen on a Hastings Street sidewalk in June 2010, then walking away with two other Vancouver police members.

Davidsen suffers from multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

"I’ve never even received an apology from the officer for being pushed down," said Davidsen. "I’d like to see him receive more than just a slap on the wrist for what he’s done."

In December 2010, Crown Counsel approved assault charges against Robinson. However, the charges were later stayed and he was ordered to complete an alternative measures program.

Earlier this year, Robinson was found to be in abuse of authority and neglect of duty.


Surveillance video shows Sandy Davidsen (centre, in red) being shoved on a Hastings Street sidewalk in June 2010. (CBC)

Scott Bernstein, Davidsen’s lawyer, said he hoped Const. Robinson would be suspended for a number of days.

"He should have to partake in mandatory training that would teach him how to deal properly with people with disabilities," said Bernstein.

A decision is not expected for several weeks.