A B.C. prosecutor says he intends to apply to a judge to have a Kelowna television station and one of its reporterscharged with contempt of court.

Crown lawyer Jeffery Dyment says CHBC News aired video that could identify an undercover RCMP officer involved in a murder case now being tried in B.C. Supreme Court.

Ronda Petra Black, 39, of Kelowna is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her husband in 1998.The case against her is based on evidence gathered by undercover officers.

Dyment says a court order was issued banning the media from showing anything that could identifya femaleofficer who befriended Black.

On Thursday, CHBC aired video showing that officer walking into the Kelowna courthouse.

The TV station's news director, Derek Hinchliffe, argues that the video does not violate the court order because it didn't show the officer's face.

But Dyment doesn't agree. He says the test is whether someone who knows the officer could identify her by what was aired on television.

"It showed the person walking, full body, and it showed everything but her face, including hair, hair style, body shape, clothing, etc."

Dyment says the video wouldallow suspects in future undercover investigations to identify the woman as an RCMP officer.