The cancellation of the Squamish Valley Music Festival may sound like bad news for festival goers in the Lower Mainland but it could actually boost attendance at smaller music festivals like Victoria's Rifflandia Music Festival.

Organizers of the Squamish Valley Music Festival, due to take place in August, announced its cancellation earlier this week. That means artists may be looking for another B.C. stop.

"It definitely opens up some more talent options for us this year," said Nick Blasko, Rifflandia Music Festival organizer.

"I use the metaphor, a competing fishermen just released his catch back into the ocean."

The opening also gives Rifflandia organizers the opportunity to market to a bigger audience, said Blasko.

"We've always been very cautious with the amount of marketing we do in Vancouver because we're right up against two mega festivals."

Now, with one of those mega festivals cancelled, Blasko says some music lovers may feel like one festival — the Pemberton Music Festival — isn't enough.

"[We] can try and capture some of those festive goers that are feeling left out," he said.

Low Canadian dollar

Meanwhile, festival organizers are also having to mitigate the negative effects of a slumping Canadian dollar. Organizers have two options, said Blasko.

"One is increase our ticket prices to cover that, or just be very realistic about these artists and their agents and managers and say this is what we can afford."

Blasko says Rifflandia is going with the second option.

"We're simply offering less money. And nine times out of 10, with a bit of negotiation and a bit of understanding as to what is going on, it's been successful."

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