Victoria police chief steps down

Victoria police Chief Frank Elsner has resigned effective immediately.

Frank Elsner had been under investigation since 2015 following allegations of inappropriate conduct

Chief Constable of the Victoria Police Department Frank Elsner has stepped down effective immediately. (Twitter/Frank Elsner)

Victoria police Chief Frank Elsner has resigned.

The resignation was announced in a statement from the Victoria and Esquimalt Police Board

"The employment relationship between Mr. Frank Elsner and the Board has been concluded by Mr. Elsner," the board said.

Effective immediately. Elsner will no longer receive a salary or other employment benefits.

The Victoria police chief had been suspended with pay since April 2016.

He stepped aside in December 2015 after he admitted to sending inappropriate Twitter messages to a female officer with another police department, who also happened to be the wife of one of his own officers.

A second external investigation is looking into allegations that Elsner harassed four Victoria police employees.

Investigation continues

Rollie Woods, the deputy police complaint commissioner, said Elsner's resignation will not affect the allegations against him, because the Police Act still applies to former members. 

"Any misconduct or allegations of misconduct that a member faced while they were employed by a police force will still be looked at, even if they resign or retire," he said.

"So, in this case, Mr. Elsner is now a former officer, he's still subject to the allegations he was facing before he resigned, and the disciplinary proceedings will still proceed."

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps said the resignations will have no bearing on the daily operations of the Victoria police Department and acting chief Del Manak will remain in his role until a replacement is found.

Elsner will be given the opportunity to defend himself during a formal hearing.

The police board said it will be convening to determine next steps to select a new chief constable for the Victoria Police Department.

With files from Richard Zussman