A 41-year-old Duncan resident was arrested in Victoria early Friday morning after apparently playing bumper cars with motorists and the police during a bizarre slow-speed chase through city streets.

'Thankfully...[officers] were able to take him into custody and end this strange and dangerous flight from police' - Victoria Police Const. Michael Russell

Victoria Police Const. Michael Russell says the chase started around 11:30 p.m PT Thursday when a man in a truck bumped into a car at Clover Point and then floored the accelerator trying to push the smaller vehicle out of the way.

The motorist called 911 and police responded, following the truck into a car dealership on Cook Street where it stopped, apparently waiting for police to arrive, said Russell.

According to Russell, the truck driver then suddenly reversed, ramming the police car numerous times, before slowly driving off down Yates Street.

As more police arrived, he says, the truck drove toward a large group of people on the sidewalk outside a club, causing them to scatter.

It then moved toward a person in a bus shelter before becoming involved in another slow speed collision on Douglas Street.

Driver fights with police

Police say the driver of the truck was eventually arrested in the Mayfair Shopping Centre by Saanich Police where he fought with the officers arresting him.

"Thankfully a Saanich K9 team and a contingent of officers were able to take him into custody and end this strange and dangerous flight from police," said Russell.

After the arrest, police learned the truck had also been seen doing donuts in Centennial square.

RCMP in Duncan were contacted and dispatched to the man's home where, Russell says, they found a marijuana grow-op.

Police say the man is facing numerous charges including resisting arrest, assaulting police officers, four counts of failing to stop at the scene of a collision, assault with a weapon and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

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