Victoria Clipper thief pleads guilty to burglary in U.S.

The man who was arrested after a SWAT team boarded the Victoria Clipper ferry, which was drifting off the Seattle waterfront last month, has pleaded guilty to burglary.

Passenger ferry operates between Victoria, B.C., and Seattle, Wash.

The Victoria Clipper IV is boarded by a crew intending to secure it and take it back to port. The passenger ferry boat was taken by a man out into Seattle's Elliott Bay Dec. 1, 2013. (KIRO/CNN)

A prosecutor's office in Washington state says Samuel K. McDonough pleaded guilty Friday to burglary and theft charges for trying to steal the Victoria Clipper ferry on the Seattle waterfront.

King County prosecutors are recommending more than two years in prison when the 33-year-old is sentenced Jan. 24 in Seattle.

McDonough was able to break away from the dock Dec. 1 but didn't know how to operate the vessel, which was spotted drifting in Elliott Bay. 

He was arrested by a SWAT team that boarded the ferry.

The Victoria Clipper IV is a 130-foot-long passenger ferry that operates daily service between Seattle and Victoria, B.C.

Upon his arrest, McDonough reportedly told police that he was trying to get across the bay to West Seattle.

With files from CBC News