Some sprigs of mistletoe that some elves hung up around downtown Vancouver are turning the West End sidewalks into hot places to hang out this Christmas.

A group that identifies themselves only as #VanKiss Elves first tweeted about the mysterious mistletoe on Dec. 12. Since then, sprigs and kisses a-plenty have been photographed and retweeted on social media.

Some of the known #Vankiss locations are: 

  • Robson and Thurlow streets
  • Nelson Park 
  • Two at Davie and Thurlow streets(on opposite corners)
  • Three on Denman Street (one at Haro Street , one at Davie Street, one at Nelson Street)
  • Two on Bute Street (one at Pendrell and Davie streets, the other at Burnaby Street)
  • One on Barclay Street and Broughton Street (in the park, on the North Side)

The mistletoe was also spotted last year around Vancouver