The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for one couple in Port Coquitlam, B.C., this season has lost some — but not all — of its lustre. 

After having their annual Christmas display vandalized for the third year in a row, Tracy and Manuel Castro have decided to take their lights and decorations down. 

"It's happened a couple of times, but I said if it happened one more time I'd take everything down," said Manuel in an interview with CBC Radio's Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. 

When the couple moved to Port Coquitlam three years ago from Coquitlam, they had hoped to bring their holiday decorating tradition with them. 

"We had never had a problem at our previous homes, and it wasn't until we moved to this neighbourhood in Port Coquitlam," said Tracy. 

Tracy and Manuel's Castro home decorated for Christmas

For years Tracy and Manuel Castro covered their home and yard with Christmas decorations, but after three years of attacks by vandals they have decided to end the tradition. (Tracy Castro)

The couple has found ornaments shattered in the neighbouring park, decorations kicked over and some ruined beyond repair. They estimate the total damage over the last three years has been close to $2,000. 

The tradition began approximately two decades ago when Manuel began putting up lights on his parents' home. 

The annual decorations proved to be a hit among neighbours, and each year Manuel's efforts become more elaborate.For the past nine years, Manuel has added lawn ornaments, decorations in the trees, and light displays in the windows. 

But despite the vandalism, the Castro's have not had their Christmas spirit snuffed out. 

"The amount of people who are coming to us, and apologizing for other people doing things wrong and showing us kindness, bringing us gifts and putting up lights on their own house to make the neighbourhood's been unbelievable" said Tracy. 

"To me, it hasn't dampened Christmas because that is what Christmas is all about, showing kindness to each other, and that has been given back to us three fold since this has happened."