Infamous Vancouver landlord George Wolsey told a B.C. provincial court judge Monday morning that he is unable to repay former tenants because he is severely in debt.

Wolsey, the owner of the Wonder Rooms Hotel on Cordova Street in the Downtown East Side, was ordered to repay more than $18,000 to former tenants after B.C.'s Residential Tenancy Branch found they lived in squalid conditions and faced serious health risks.

For two years, Wolsey ignored court dates, refused service of documents and made no effort to pay the debt. In September, he turned himself in after 10 civil warrants were issued for his arrest.

Today, Wolsey asserted that he cannot repay the former tenants because he does not have any money and that he owes the Canada Revenue Agency more than $1 million.

Wolsey also said that several vehicles found on his ex-wife's property are all in her name, and that he does not own any of them.

In 2008, CBC News exposed Wolsey for forcing tenants to fill prescriptions at his pharmacy or be evicted.