Has the commuter chaos caused by the SkyTrain meltdowns in the past week brought out the best in your fellow Metro Vancouverites?

Did someone go out of their way to help you? Did you witness an act of kindness in the midst of the general frustration?

For Surrey resident Rod Hill, an act of generosity during last week's shut down led to a simple, but wonderful reward that brought a silver lining to an otherwise dreary journey home.

Ousted from the SkyTrain at Metrotown station, Hill was in a huge line of people making their way to the bus terminal, and listening to other passengers voicing concern about how they were going to get home.

One gentleman, in particular, was becoming very distressed, Hill told CBC's The Early Edition, so he asked him where he was going and offered to give him a ride home, as it was not too far out of his way.

The man declined his offer, but the two girls behind Hill praised his generosity.

'Can you give me a ride home?'

"I said, 'Well, we are all stuck here together and there's nothing we can do about it,'" he recalls. "And one of the girls said, 'Well, I live in his neighbourhood, so can you give me a ride home?'"

Hill said he would, whereupon the other girl pointed out she didn't live too far from there either, and asked if she could grab a ride too.

As they were driving, one of the girls told Hill her father was very thankful he was bringing her home, and wanted to offer him some food.

After Hill told her that wasn't necessary, the girl explained that her father cooked Afghan food all the time and, as it was Ramadan and the sun had just set, he had just started to cook.

"I told her she had left out some critical detail and I would certainly take them up on that offer," Hill says. "And the other girl said, 'That sounds great, Can I get in on that?'"

When they arrived at the home, the girl's father came out to greet Hill.

"We ended up with this great curry dish — and I got home at midnight."

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