Dust off your mystery-solving licence: the 'Dude Chilling Park' sign has gone missing from Guelph Park in East Vancouver.

Yellow caution tape has been strung between two green posts where the much-defended sign was installed until someone took it either late Saturday or early Sunday.

The sign came about almost two years ago as a guerrilla installation by artist Viktor Briestensky.

Made to mimic the format of other Vancouver Park Board official signs, the fake sign paid homage to the Michael Dennis sculpture of a lounging figure that features prominently in the Mount Pleasant park.

Dude Chilling Park sign

The 'Dude Chilling Park' sign first appeared in East Vancouver's Guelph Park in 2012. (Vancouver Park Board)

Park staff removed the rogue sign in November 2012, but an outpouring of appreciation for the 'Dude Chilling Park' moniker led the board to reconsider its decision.

The sign was saved, designated as an official piece of public art, and re-installed on in the southwest corner of the park.

Reclining figure by Michael Dennis

Artist Viktor Briestensky said Michael Dennis's sculpture 'Reclining Figure,' which is installed in Guelph Park, inspired the 'Dude Chilling' name. (City of Vancouver)