Police in Vancouver are seeking new information that could lead to arrests in eight unsolved homicide cases dating as far back as 1981.

The eight cold cases are being highlighted on a new website set up by the Vancouver Police Department in the hopes that seeing pictures of the victims and maps and photos of the crime scenes may prompt those who have information on the crimes to provide tips.

Deputy Chief Const. Adam Palmer said it's the first time the VPD has set up a website for long-unsolved homicides, and the force is optimistic that retelling the victims's stories will generate new leads.

"The passage of time can change people's outlooks. When they were young, they may have been involved in gangs or drugs and they have since moved past that lifestyle, or perhaps they just didn't want to go to police because of peer pressure," he said.

The website www.vpdcoldcases.ca provides links to maps of where the victims were found and, in some cases, where they were last seen. Photos of the victims, and sometimes pictures of their belongings and of crime locations, are included with the stories.

Cold case file

VPD has set up website of unsolved homicides (VPD)

The death of Kristin Gurholt in 1981 is presently the oldest case on the site.

Gurholt, 34, was found dead, her skull fractured, in the alleyway behind 575 Richards Street. A suitcase containing her personal effects were located near the crime scene.

Palmer said police want to hear to hear from anyone who knows anything about the victims or the crimes, even if the information is coming through the grapevine.

"A small lead could lead to an arrest," he said.

Palmer said the department will add more cases soon.