An 18-year-old woman is dead and a 20-year-old man is seriously injured, after a multi-vehicle accident on Marine Drive in Vancouver Wednesday night.

The two were on foot, crossing the intersection of Victoria Drive and Marine Drive around 7:30 p.m. PT, when a white car crashed into the pair, and then smashed into a street lamp pole and a bus stop.

Both the pedestrians were rushed to hospital but on Thursday Vancouver Police said the woman died from her injuries. 

The man she was with has a broken neck and head injuries. 

Multiple cars involved

Three other vehicles were involved in the incident, including the taxi of Jagdeep Baring, who says he had to swerve out of the way of the falling telephone pole.

He called 9-1-1 after the driver of the car who hit the pole came out screaming.

"I saw there was a guy on the ground, and… a girl on the side of the road," said Baring.

"I asked a couple if they could help with the first aid, but no one had first aid."

Vancouver police say the 54-year-old female driver was not hurt, remained at the scene, and is co-operating with them.

The cause of the crash has yet to be determined.

Police describe the incident as horrific.

"This collision resulted in the tragic loss of a young life and life-altering injuries for another," said Acting Inspector Ken Eng in a statement.

"We want to remind all road users that these tragedies are preventable."

Police say this is Vancouver's 11th fatal crash this year. 

With files from Gian-Paolo Mendoza