The Vancouver parks board is asking residents to water new city trees this summer.

With predictions of a hot and dry summer ahead, the Vancouver Park Board is asking residents to help water the city's newest trees.

"It's really making sure that root system is well, you know, established,” says vice chair Constance Barnes. “The watering helps establish that really strong system."

It's a plea that the board puts out every year: water the young trees of the city, so they can grow to see another summer.

Barnes says the first two years are vital for the trees’ survival.

City crews water the plants as much as they can, but during hot spells they need the help of residents. Some trees even have tags that say "Water me."

Barnes suggests Vancouverites make it a family ritual, which can be a great activity for kids.

"Give them a little watering can and get them to go out twice a week and water the brand new trees,” says Barnes. “They will have the opportunity to watch them grow and nurture them and keep them alive."

Regional water restrictions don't apply to trees and shrubs.

With files from Tina Lovgreen