Vancouver's mayor is proposing the city take another stab at coming up with a new logo after its previous effort was widely panned.

Gregor Robertson put forward a motion to be considered by city council Tuesday that would stop the roll-out of the previous redesign and work with the local chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada on new ideas.

The motion calls for the work to be done within existing budgets and for a public and online vote to decide the finalists.

The city initially proposed a new logo that cost $8,000, but it was criticized by many in the local design community for its simple format, which some characterized as bland.

The proposed new logo has dropped the previous design's flower, and is now in bold Gotham typeface.

An open letter from local designers said the city "severely failed to produce an inspirational mark that authentically represents and makes us proud of who we are and can be."

chilliwack vancouver logo

The City of Chilliwack logo was commissioned in 2011. The new City of Vancouver wordmark was approved by council in February. (City of Chilliwack/City of Vancouver)

The designer of the City of Chilliwack's logo also expressed frustration with the Vancouver design, which he said bore a resemblance to his 2011 design for the City of Chilliwack. He said the designs were "too close to be a coincidence."

Questions about the logo also sparked a testy exchange between Robertson and members of the media early in March.

Vancouver mayor loses his patience while trying to deflect attention away from city logo mess1:10