Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson mistaken for Sochi mayor

U.S. talk host Chelsea Handler on Monday was talking about Sochi Mayor Anatoly Paskhomov's and his recent remarks about gays in Sochi: "We do not have them in our city."

U.S. talk show host Chelsea Handler gets it wrong

Gregor Robertson was incorrectly ID'd on Chelsea Handler's show 2:18

On her U.S. talk show 'Chelsea Lately' Monday, host Chelsea Handler showed a mean-looking picture of Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson while discussing Sochi Mayor Anatoly Paskhomov's recent remarks about gays in Sochi.

"We do not have them in our city,"

Handler's tweet about the remark has since been removed, but Victoria resident Laura Little noticed the mistake that night and took a picture of her television (above), then posted this tweet, proving it:

Vancouver resident William Muller noticed it too and wrote on his Facebook page.

"The fact that the Canadian flag was shown behind the mayor obviously didn't clue in the producers of the show."

Mayor Gregor Robertson sent a tweet of his own yesterday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Robertson called it a "bizarre little confusion."

"I sent her a reminder that I am not the Mayor of Sochi and I've always stood strong and proud for Vancouver's LGBT community, and gay rights are really important to Vancouverites. And we just want to set the record straight here."

Ironically, Vancouver's Olympic delegation to Sochi, which left on Tuesday, is headed by openly gay councillor Tim Stevenson.

Robertson says he has not heard back from Handler's staff.