Vancouver police say the city's 13th homicide of the year is mostly likely a targeted hit but brazenly carried out in a busy shopping area during broad daylight.

It happened sometime around 2 p.m. PT when shots rang out near the Safeway on King Edward Avenue and Oak Street.

"There were several witnesses to this shooting," said Cst. Brian Montague. "Many of them were clearly upset with what they had seen because this is a fairly busy area, lots of people shopping at the time, there are lots of witnesses."

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When police arrived on scene they found what they describe as a young man deceased in the passenger seat of a white Toyota Camry.

No arrests have been made, but Montague says the attack does not appear to be random.

"The circumstances surrounding the shooting itself do appear to be targeted," he said.

Costa Viras who lives in the neighbourhood says the incident is "very disturbing" considering he shops at that Safeway at least three times a week. He's also eaten at the restaurant where a car believed to be involved in the death was parked outside.

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Police have not yet positively identified the victim.

VPD statistics show the number of homicides so far this year surpasses those in each of the past two years.

  • 2014 Vancouver homicides: 9
  • 2013 Vancouver homicides: 6


with files from the CBC's Jeff Harrington