Fortis Gas crews have plugged the gas leak near the intersection of Cambie Street and West 7th Avenue in Vancouver and residents have been allowed back into the evacuated buildings.

The leak forced the evacuation of at least 10 buildings on Thursday morning after a construction crew punctured a gas main while digging in an alley around 9 a.m., according to Fire and Rescue Services Captain Gabe Roder.

Residents were allowed to return at about 2 p.m.


A gas leak near Cambie Street and West 7th Avenue in Vancouver forced the evacuation of 10 buildings on Thursday morning. (Meera Bains)

The leak could be smelled for several blocks in the area, but there were no injuries reported.

"We advise any citizens in the affected area that smell gas in their premise, to open their windows to ventilate and exit the building," said Roder.