Fan expo is underway in Vancouver this weekend, offering thousands of fans a chance to buy memorabilia and meet actors from their favourite films and series. 

For some, it's an opportunity to get dressed up and have some fun. 

Vancouver fan expo supergirl

Many attendees show up at fan expos dressed as their favourite TV and movie characters. They say it's a chance to have fun in an accepting community of like-minded people. (Errol Richardson/CBC)

For others, it's a chance to buy memorabilia, art and DVDs specializing in comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and gaming from the dozens of vendors. 

vancouver fan expo

Retailers at fan expos across North America sell paraphernalia, toys and posters. (Errol Richardson/CBC)

Fan Expo Vancouver also offers the chance to meet actors and other celebrities associated with shows and movies. 

According to the expo website, there will also be a cosplay panel, "delving into everything cosplay related from construction questions to modelling queries and anything in between."

Vancouver fan expo

Dressing up in costumes is known as cosplay — short for costume play — and is a big part of any fan expo. (Errol Richardson/CBC)

Of the thousands of people attending Fan Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre this weekend, more than a handful had mini-fans in tow. 

Fan expo vancouver

Many people bring their children to fan expos. This Supergirl is playing in one of a few areas set up especially for little fans. (Errol Richardson/CBC)

For many people, the event is about more than comics and costumes. According to one attendee, it's about finding a sense of comfort with like-minded people. 

Vancouver fan expo

Fan Expo Vancouver takes place Nov. 11 to 13 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. (Errol Richardson/CBC)