Vancouver firefighters were called to Collingwood Street and West Broadway after a construction crane struck a live wire Friday morning.

Collingwood Street at West Broadway

The crane operator managed to escape and no injuries have been reported, but the electric charge electrified the crane and ignited some pallets on the ground.

The fire was put out, but there was concern the ground was still energized, forcing firefighters to shut off access to the immediate area while BC Hydro crews dealt with the damaged power lines.

The incident left 2,600 BC Hydro customers in the area without power and caused traffic and commuter chaos.

Local resident Kay Cahill was getting ready for work when her power went out.

"It suddenly got super loud...I went out to the deck to take a look and there were flames raging up from behind the crane," she said.

"The cops and the fire trucks were just sort of swinging into action, and then it got super large, the flame went right up."

The busy Broadway corridor was closed between and Dunbar and Waterloo streets, causing delays on nearby 4th,10th, 12th avenues, and buses including the popular 99 B-Line were diverted.

Officials confirmed the incident was not related to Thursday night's storm, which saw more than 1,100 lightning bolts strike Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.