A take-out window at a chocolate shop in East Vancouver will be allowed to remain open, city officials say.

Scott Edwards with the City of Vancouver says Anne-Geneviève Poitras, owner of Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France, will be allowed to keep her take-out window open.

He says there was a misunderstanding when another city official visited the shop after a complaint was made about line ups outside her store.

“I think she was very concerned we were actually asking her to close it, but in fact we’re not," Edwards said. "We’re asking that when there are long line ups, just to be aware of how that might impact the sidewalk.”

“She was under the impression that the city had asked her to close it because of concerns that had arisen with a conflict due to a passerby and use of the sidewalk.

vancouver chocolate shop

The owner of this Vancouver chocolate and gelato shop may keep her take out window open. (CBC)

"I reassured her that our first response, in any concern such as this, is actually to work with the shop owner and encourage them. First, celebrate the success of their business which is great, but also to share with them how to manage the use of that public space. “

Poitras told the CBC Monday she felt she was being unfairly targeted by a neighbour, after the city asked her to close the window after one complaint was made alleging the line-up blocked the sidewalk.

The take-out window has been Poitras’s only source of income after a fire a few weeks ago.

“We had a building fire at the back of the building so, to allow production, which has been quite difficult since, we opened a take out window,” she said.

Poitras says she is relieved by the news it can remain open.

“I’m very happy that we can still be open especially because the clientele here loves the idea of going through a take out window to grab a gelato. It reminds them of their childhood, so I’m very pleased with the ending of the story.”