Vancouver Canucks in a fog for first China practice

The conditions were less than ideal for the Vancouver Canucks at their first practice in China, but the thick layer of fog sitting over the ice sure made for pretty pictures.

Sure it was hard for the players to see but, boy, the photos are great

Canucks head coach Travis Green draws up a drill during the Canucks' first Shanghai practice in foggy Mercedes-Benz Arena. The question is: could any of the players see it? (Vancouver Canucks/Twitter)

Players could barely see each other and long passes were more perilous than normal, but the thick layer of fog sitting over the ice at the Vancouver Canucks' first practice in Shanghai sure made for some pretty pictures.

The team and a number of reporters tweeted up a storm of strange and beautiful photos taken inside the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai Tuesday where a combination of high humidity and cold ice likely caused the indoor haze.

Thursday's Canucks-L.A. Kings preseason tilt will be the first hockey game ever played in the arena which normally hosts concerts.

The two teams meet again Saturday in Beijing.