As bees disappear, negatively affecting the ecosystem, an environmental group in partnership with the City of Vancouver is building habitats in which bee can thrive.

As The Early Edition's Margaret Gallagher found out a decommissioned telephone booth has been converted into an insect hotel in Oak Meadows Park as part of a network of bee-friendly paths.


Nathan Lee

Bees are disappearing from the city, as development has made it harder for them to interact with each other and to find food. The insect hotel is part of a trail of green spaces to encourage more travel and pollination.


Margaret Gallagher/CBC

Hartley Rosen, executive director of the Environmental Youth Alliance, checks out one of the 12 cedar boxes at the insect hotel. The boxes are filled with various materials, like maple logs, known to attract bees.


Margaret Gallagher/CBC

The insect hotel at Oak Meadows Park is part of a 1,500-square-foot pollinator garden on West 37th Avenue between Oak and Willow streets.

With files from The Early Edition's Margaret Gallagher. You can follow her on Twitter @GallaghMargaret.