A proposed name change for the Vancouver Board of Trade has similar organizations riled up about what the new moniker would imply.

The Vancouver Board of Trade will vote Friday on whether to change its name to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. 

"In changing our name, the board believes we will better reflect our regional advocacy efforts and the 5,000 members that we represent, nearly 50 per cent of whom make their living or own businesses that operate outside the City of Vancouver," wrote Tim Manning, the board's regional vice president, on its website

The change is likely to go through — Manning said the board voted unanimously to recommend it to their members. 

But the implication that the Vancouver Board of Trade speaks for the Lower Mainland has other boards in the region crying foul. 

"Their proposed name change creates great confusion in the marketplace for other organizations in every city, other chambers, other boards of trade," said Surrey Board of Trade CEO Anita Huberman.

Huberman said she wants Surrey, B.C., to have its own voice.

"In our opinion and from our perspective the Vancouver Board of Trade does not speak for the region's business community," she said.

If Vancouver members vote in favour of the broader name, Huberman says the Surrey Board of Trade will contest it. 

With files from Stephanie Mercier