Vancouver billionaire David Ho has been sentenced to one year's probation after pleading guilty to charges of unlawful confinement on Thursday.

Ho was also sentenced to 45 hours of community service, drug counselling and a $5,000 fine for breach of bail.

The charges stem from an incident in 2008, when Ho called a chat line looking for a date.

He picked a woman in her mid-20s and brought her back to his Shaughnessy mansion, but after the pair had sex, Ho refused to let her leave.

The woman called her father and 911 pleading for help, before scaling a 2.4-metre fence and breaking her ankle as she tried to escape the property.

She has since filed a civil suit against Ho.

Ho, also known as Ting Kwok Ho, was the owner of the now defunct Harmony Airways, based in Richmond, B.C.

A prominent businessman, he also served on the Vancouver Police Board for about one year in 1989.