The co-pilot in the plane crash near Vancouver International Airport last month has died from his injuries after three weeks in intensive care.

Matt Robic, 26, had severe burns to 64 per cent his body when he was pulled from the burned out twin-engine plane by firefighters after it crashed on a busy Richmond road near the airport.

He was being treated in the intensive care unit at Vancouver General Hospital but passed away late Wednesday night.

His mother Corinna Robic told CBC News that for a while the family thought Matt might actually recover from his injuries.

"He was responsive for awhile and was able to answer questions from us. He tried to communicate, but of course couldn't," she said.

Robic says her son was a hero for helping land the plane in a way that ensured the passenger's safety.


Co-pilot Matt Robic died at Vancouver General Hospital on Wednesday night. (CBC)

"I hang on to that every single day, that those two pilots were heroes and saved lives."

But what caused the crash is still a mystery, she said.

"Nobody knows what happened in the last 30 seconds, but we have been assured the plane did not run out of oil," she said.

Dreamed of flying as a boy

Robic said her son was just 13-years-old when he decided he wanted to become a pilot.

"He'd flown to England with his grandma.  He was taken up to the pilots and to see the cockpit of the plane," she said.

A few years later he told the family about his plans.

"He surprised us in his last year of high school -- that's what he wanted to do," she said.

 Robic says Matt was a quiet, easy going guy with a lot of friends.

"He lived a lot and did a lot in his 26 years and he's a fine example of how to make your dreams happen," she said

One passenger remains in recovery

Northern Thunderbird pilot, Luc Fortin, 44, died in hospital a few hours after the Oct.  27 accident.

Seven passengers on the plane were also seriously injured in the crash. Six of them have since been released from hospital, and one has been transferred to the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in stable condition.

Investigators have not yet said what may have caused the crash but passengers reported the pilot was attempting to make an emergency landing after an oil pressure light came on shortly after take-off.