By Monday evening, the backlog of delayed passengers had been cleared from the departure lounges at Vancouver International Airport. ((CBC))

The lineups at Vancouver International Airport started early on Tuesday morning, but they were not nearly as long as those the day before when a computer glitch combined with new security protocols to create long waits, missed flights and short tempers.

WestJet spokesman Robert Palmer said the computer glitch has been fixed, but people still need to leave themselves plenty of time and be aware of new rules restricting what they can and cannot take on board flights to the U.S.

"People who are travelling to the United States are being asked not to bring any carry-on baggage, with the exception of things like a small purse, a diaper bag, a small laptop bag, a small knapsack," said Palmer. 

According to the airport website the majority of flights were departing on time, but a few flights to the U.S. did depart with about a half-hour delay.

The Transportation Security Administration in the U.S. is expected to review the new carry-on baggage restrictions on Wednesday.