Urban search intensifies for missing Vancouver man

The search is intensifying for missing Vancouver man Matthew Huszar, a well-adjusted 25-year-old geologist who has not been heard from since Friday.

Matthew Huszar disappears after downtown Christmas party Friday night

Matthew Huszar has not been seen since Dec. 16, when he left his office party in Vancouver's Gastown 2:13

Friends of missing Vancouver man Matthew Huszar spent much of Wednesday plastering the parts of downtown with posters asking for help finding him.

Huszar, 25, left an office dinner party Friday night in Gastown and has not been seen or heard from since — which all who know him say is out of character.

Huszar was sober and upbeat when he said good night to a group of friends outside a Water Street bar, said colleague Joel Ashburner.

"‘I’m taking off,’ were his words, and shook hands, wished him Merry Christmas. We all did, and then that was it," said Ashburner.

Two dozen friends and colleagues gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery to grab stacks of posters and map out their blitz of the downtown core.

None of them can figure out why Huszar would go missing.

"You know, he just started a new job, just bought a sailboat. he's all excited to bring that back to Vancouver, said friend Jason Corlazolli. "His family's all waiting at home for him for Christmas."

Huszar is a geologist, accustomed to taking care of himself on exploration trips in the backcountry. So is his friend Dustin Perry, also a geologist, is working his contacts to get people in the local mining industry involved in the search.

"You can have a big lavish Christmas party. Why can't we get Matt back? With a reward? With a reward or just with manpower," Perry said. "Let's see a big effort here."

Huszar’s friends had been spreading the word through social media, but bumped up the effort when it failed to produce any clues.

 "It's been a rough few days. The worst of it was … printing the posters and seeing his face come out there every time. That's pretty rough. I can't imagine what his family's going through right now," said friend Devin Tompkins.

Anyone with any information on Huszar’s whereabouts is asked to call police.

With files from the CBC's Alan Waterman