Langley Animal Protection Society is holding an "unwanted kitten roundup" amnesty day after multiple litters of kittens were found abandoned in boxes in recent weeks.

The unprecedented move comes just three weeks since 10 very young kittens were found abandoned, taped inside a cardboard box thrown in a dumpster.

Since then, another three litters of kittens have been found dumped in boxes around Langley, prompting the organization to take matters into its own hands. 

"Nothing like this has been attempted before, so we don’t know what to expect," said Baker. "This wasn’t in our budget. We don’t have space for bunches of new kittens. But what’s the alternative?"

"Our goal is to make it super easy for people to do the right thing with unwanted kittens."

The event, which runs on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT, will allow residents to turn in unwanted kittens, as well as pregnant cats and cat mothers — no questions asked.

Visitors will also receive free spay and neuter vouchers, as the society hopes to raise awareness that the best way to prevent unwanted kittens is to spay and neuter pets.

The organization is also setting up a new kitten roundup hotline on 604-332-4449, to allow residents to text a location for an unwanted kitten pickup by the LAPS team.

Throughout the day, LAPS will be broadcasting kitten intake exams, talking about spay and neuter programs, and answering questions live on their website at

On mobile? Click here to watch a live stream of kittens on the LAPS website