Police on Vancouver Island say they have tracked down an unlicensed and uninsured motorcyclist who posted a YouTube video of a terrifying high-speed run along a busy section of the Trans-Canada Highway.

The rider in the video is believed to be a 25-year-old male with 25 previous infractions, Saanich police revealed Thursday morning. The registered owner of the bike is believed to be his mother, but the bike is not insured, they said.

Police say the bike was seized last Friday, but charges have not yet been laid. They are waiting to speak with the alleged rider, but he is not co-operating with police and did not show up for for a meeting on Wednesday. 

In the video, the motorcycle rockets past vehicles with the speedometer indicating close to 300 km/h, passing along the centre line, shocking even veteran traffic officers and professional motorcycle riders who have seen it.


Saanich police say the motorcycle in the video is this Yamaha R1. (CBC)

On Wednesday, police said they had identified the IP address and the internet service provider used to post the anonymous video on YouTube, and had several tips from the public on the identity of the rider.

On Thursday, police displayed the bike they had seized — a blue Yamaha R1 — and are asking anyone who may have witnessed the high-speed ride to contact them.

The investigators determined the video was recorded on the Trans-Canada Highway, starting just north of McKenzie Ave and ending at the Millstream Road exit. Investigators believe it occurred sometime prior to April 7, when the video was posted.