The University of British Columbia has announced that 16 varsity teams have been chosen to have long-term funding, leaving the remaining teams and clubs to apply for a second round of assessments.

“These 16 teams balance men and women’s, as well as individual and team sports,” said Ashley Howard, the managing director of athletics and recreation in statement issued on Tuesday morning.

The remaining 13 varsity teams, such as men's hockey and women's soccer, and some interested Alma Mater Society sports clubs will have to apply for funding in the second stage assessment, which is expect to conclude in late February.

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Men's football was one of 16 varsity sports teams picked by UBC to receive long-term funding, on Tuesday. (Dave Chidley/Canadian Press) (Dave Chidley/Canadian Press)

“Another month of uncertainty will be difficult for many,” said Howard in the statement.

“But we need to keep our eye on the prize: higher achievement for our varsity teams, a top-notch experience for our student athletes and a sustainable future for the UBC Thunderbirds.”

The funding review was announced in 2012 to prioritize funding for the university's varsity sports programs after the university decided not to join the NCAA.

The university also announced plans to increase funding for the selected teams by $800,000 starting in April, 2014.

Teams selected for funding:

  • Basketball, men and women.
  • Field Hockey, women.
  • Football, men.
  • Ice Hockey, women.
  • Rugby, men.
  • Soccer, men.
  • Volleyball, women.
  • Cross Country, men and women.
  • Rowing, men and women.
  • Swimming,  men and women.
  • Track and Field, men and women.