A team from the United Kingdom has spent the day setting up their fireworks for the opening night of the Celebration of Light on Saturday.

More than 400,000 people are expected to attend this year's festival, billed as one of the best fireworks shows in North America.

The British team is one of three countries competing in the 23rd edition of the summer light show. They will be followed by Canada on July 31 and Thailand on Aug. 3.

Organizers say there is more than $100,000 worth of fireworks on the big black barge moored off English Bay Beach for each team.

Alcohol crackdown goes 'too far'

Meanwhile, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association says it has a problem with how Vancouver police plan to deal with the crowds, with a Whitecaps soccer match and a One Direction concert also luring people to the city's downtown core this weekend.

Police say officers will be stopping people at SkyTrain stations and searching people who look like they are going to be drinking downtown and adults could lose unopened liquor.

"When people are carrying liquor, and we believe they're going to consume it in a public place, at that point in time, that's an offense and we want to make sure that we monitor that," said Transit Police Chief Neil Dubord.

But BCCLA president Josh Paterson says that "seems to stretch things a little bit far".

Paterson says he understands it can be hard to police massive crowds, but an officer's job is to step in when they see people drinking in public, not when they think it might happen.

"It kind of gets a little bit into the realm of pre-crime. And we think it's problematic."

He says people have the right not to be bothered by police if they aren't doing anything wrong.

With files from the CBC's Chad Pawson and Rafferty Baker