Two SeaBus sailings were cancelled on Thursday morning after the Burrard Beaver filled with smoke as it docked in North Vancouver.

A spokesperson for TransLink said it was caused by a mechanical issue.

"We did have a mechanical problem on the Burrard Beaver, smoke was coming from what they're describing as a coupling on the vessel," said Jill Drew, a spokesperson with TransLink.

Drew said there was no fire on board, and that no passengers were affected by the smoke.

Though two sailings were cancelled, service resumed at 8:15 a.m. PT after TransLink swapped the Burrard Beaver with a backup vessel. 

"Service on the SeaBus is probably the most reliable in our entire system. It's very rare to miss sailings from mechanical issues," said Drew.

"Luckily we do have a backup vessel and it went into service this time and we were able to resume full service within about half an hour of discovering the problem."

With files from Jodi Muzylowski