Twitter is 10 years old and to commemorate a decade of 140-character bursts of tweets, we've taken a look at some well-known British Columbian personalities' first tweets.


Seth Rogen announced his Twitter debut in all caps. 

Michael J. Fox was watching NBC when he sent out his first tweet.

Ryan Reynold's first tweet was of an interview he did with Michael J. Fox about his father's battle with Parkinson's.


Bryan Adams didn't have the lingo down when he joined Twitter. 

Michael Buble's first tweet looks like it was sent by a public relations person. Or perhaps he intended to refer to himself in the third person. 

Sarah McLachlan tweeted lyrics. 


Premier Christy Clark began tweeting, back when she was still a radio host on CKNW.

While Mayor Gregor Robertson acknowledged he was new to the game. 


David Suzuki was on point with his usual messaging.

While Pamela Anderson was doing some self-promotion.


Steve Nash spent the day with children before he adopted Twitter.

While Christine Sinclair admitted Twitter could make life interesting/dangerous.

CBC journalists

Twitter is an important tool for journalists, and most of us couldn't imagine doing our jobs without it. 

But there was a time when we weren't tweeting 140 characters multiple times a day. Here is a throwback to our journalists and programs as they joined Twitter.