The developer of Vancouver's Trump Tower has promised to press charges against the daredevils who climbed to the top of the complex and filmed the brazen ascent. 

The developer says the stunt could have ended in tragedy and hopes the unidentified climbers will be caught. 

"I'm obviously very upset about the situation because this is a very serious matter," said Joo Kim Tiah, president and CEO of Holborn Group, which is developing the 63-storey condo and hotel.

Tiah urged anyone with information on the identities of the climbers to call police.

The climb was captured in a four-minute YouTube video called "Good Morning VanCity" that was posted Wednesday. It shows two young men, clad in sneakers and dark clothing, clambering up a staircase inside the tower.

The men began the climb in darkness and by the time they reached the top of the building, which is still under construction, the sun had risen. The camera pans Vancouver's skyline. 

One man is shown running along a narrow steel beam hundreds of metres above the ground and climbing a white crane. At one point, he dangles a leg off a ledge. 

​​Tiah said the building's construction site has guards and security cameras, but the climbers slipped through.