News of Trevor Linden's return to the Vancouver Canucks as president may have had the fans all in a dither Wednesday, but there really was only one person the former team captain had to impress: his mom.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by the Canucks, Linden can be seen phoning his parents to tell them the good news.

"What are you up to out there?" his mom asks. "You've been keeping a whole bunch of secrets."

Linden's dad is quick to point out there's good scouting opportunities back at home.

"You've got to put your mom on the payroll for your scout here in the junior league here in Southern Alberta," he tells his son. "What's a fair rate for that?"

"You definitely wouldn't at the bottom of the pay scale, I know that," Linden says to his mother, before adding a caveat that's all business.

"Just don't make a bad call or else I'll have to fire you."