A large maple tree fell on several vehicles at the corner of Cambie and Hastings streets Tuesday afternoon, trapping two men in a car and truck under a trolley bus line.

The tree collapsed around 4:15 p.m. PT at 400 Cambie Street, near Victory Square in the city's Downtown Eastside, downing trolleybus lines and knocking over a lamppost.

The two men, trapped in a white SUV and white truck, were freed by first responders after about an hour and a half, once BC Hydro cut power to the downed bus lines.

Once freed, the driver of the SUV, who declined to give his name, said the experience was a little scary, but he wasn't injured.

"I had no clue, to be frank with you. I was just driving and the tree came down on me," he said.

The truck driver also seemed in good spirits and assured reporters he was not hurt either.

Witness Maddy Kipling was walking near Cambie Street when she watched the whole scene unfold.

"It was so weird. I mean, nothing happens to the tree, the tree was just hanging out doing its thing that it had for hundreds of years,' said Kipling.

"All of sudden you heard this bush kinda shaking and then, just kind of silent at first, I watched it and it just hit the wires and they started snapping."

The cause of the collapse is not yet known. The tree was approximately 50 feet tall, but its roots do not appear to be rotten.

The City's Urban Forestry staff have been called in to check the tree.