Nearly 45 per cent of all eligible ballots have been cast and screened by Elections B.C. as of Wednesday. 

The Village of Belcarra is the municipality with the highest ballot returns for the upcoming transit plebiscite at 57.5 per cent. 

Meanwhile, the City of Surrey and Metro Vancouver Electoral Area A are trailing the pack at 39.5 per cent and 38.9 per cent respectively. 

A majority of 50 per cent plus one will be considered decisive for the question: "Do you support a new 0.5 per cent Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, to be dedicated to the Mayors' Transportation and Transit Plan? Yes or No."

CBC will update this map weekly to show how many ballots have been mailed into Elections B.C., as well as map the results by voting municipalities when they are released this summer. The map below shows the latest voting information for May 27.

While the results will be posted by municipality, it is the total number of votes that will ultimately determine the outcome of the plebiscite. 

Note: This data from Elections B.C. shows the number of ballot packages received and processed by Elections B.C. as of May 20. It does not include ballot packages in the mail or those that have been received but not processed.

Metro Vancouver mayors have said the annual revenue of the tax — estimated at $250 million — would be used to fund part of a 10-year transit plan including the following projects:

  • Add bus service and new B-Line rapid bus routes.
  • Increase service on SkyTrain, Canada Line, SeaBus and West Coast Express.
  • Maintain and upgrade the region's major roads.
  • Build a new Pattullo Bridge.
  • Build rapid transit connecting Surrey Centre with Guildford, Newton and Langley.
  • Build rapid transit along Broadway in Vancouver.
  • Extend the region's cycling and pedestrian walkway networks.
With files from Lisa Johnson