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Why NDP MP Nathan Cullen said Trans Mountain purchase is 'biggest lemon in Canadian history'

Addressing the House of Commons on Monday, NDP MP Nathan Cullen accused the federal Liberal government of buying the "biggest lemon in Canadian history" when it agreed to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan.

As Trans Mountain changes hands, Coldwater couple not sure who will clean up lingering oil spill

It's been four years since Janice Antoine and Percy Joe learned the Trans Mountain pipeline had contaminated their land. Now they're wondering who to call about cleaning up the underground oil spill that went unnoticed for more than 40 years.

Spill at Kinder Morgan station near Kamloops, B.C. was larger than first stated by province

Ministry of Environment originally said the May 27 spill at the Darfield station was around 100 litres. In fact, it was 4,800, the company says.

Protesters greet PM at meeting with Trans Mountain pipeline's Indigenous-led oversight committee

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was greeted by dozens of protesters as he arrived at the Cheam Multiplex in the B.C. Fraser Valley for a meeting about the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Protesters rally across Canada over Trans Mountain pipeline decision

Rallies were held outside the offices of Liberal MPs across the country Monday, as people protested the federal government’s decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Winnipeggers rally against Canada's buyout of Kinder Morgan pipeline

A Liberal MP in Winnipeg will meet with critics of the federal government's plan to buy the Kinder Morgan pipeline for $4.5 billion.

Is Trudeau’s pipeline buyout a betrayal?

By buying the Kinder Morgan pipeline, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone from climate activist to pipeline purchaser. The CBC’s David Common speaks with Khelsilem, elected councilor for Squamish Nation, on why he feels betrayed by Trudeau’s decision to nationalize the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Federal government to buy Trans Mountain pipeline | Sunday Scrum

The Liberal government announced this week that it is spending $4.5 billion to acquire the Trans Mountain pipeline

If feds finish Trans Mountain, experts say buyers will come — but that's a hefty 'if'

Kinder Morgan has agreed to help the government try to find an alternative buyer over the next two months.

At Issue: May 31

When Donald Trump imposed new trade tariffs against some of the U.S.' biggest allies, Justin Trudeau didn't take it lightly. Could this be the start of a major trade war? Plus, more on the federal Liberals' decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Rosemary Barton hosts Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hébert and Althia Raj.

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr defends decision to buy Trans Mountain pipeline

The Canadian government’s announcement to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from Texas oil giant Kinder Morgan sparked protests, questions and confusion among British Columbians.

Trudeau defends Trans Mountain purchase in QP

PM Justin Trudeau and NDP MP Nathan Cullen go toe to toe during Question Period over the government's $4.5 billion purchase of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline.

Opposition to pipeline still fierce in B.C.

Opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is still fierce in B.C., and some protesters say the government's decision to buy the project will only strengthen their resolve.

Breaking down Ottawa's pipeline purchase | At Issue

Rosemary Barton hosts Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hébert and Althia Raj for their analysis on what it all means for Ottawa, Alberta, British Columbia and Canadian taxpayers.

Ottawa set to purchase Trans Mountain pipeline

The measure is temporary, as the government doesn't want to be the long-term owner of the pipeline and is looking for buyers.

Canada's Kinder Morgan pipeline explained

Here's what we knew about it in the lead-up to Tuesday's announcement that the federal Liberals plan to buy Kinder Morgan's pipeline for $4.5 billion.

Good for Canada

Jackie Forrest, Arc Energy Research Institute, says the Trans Mountain pipeline project will be positive for Canadian oil prices.

Shareholder perspective

Paul Bloom is president of Bloom Investment Counsel, which owns about 300,000 shares of Kinder Morgan Canada.

Trans Mountain purchase

Dennis McConaghy and Gwyn Morgan on the federal government's move to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Chris Bloomer says Ottawa buying Trans Mountain doesn't improve the country's problem with attracting investment.

The CEO of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association is concerned the federal government needed to purchase the project.

May says Trans Mountain deal seems 'completely insane'

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline will go down in history as one of Canada's greatest epic, economical boondoggles.

Scheer says Trans Mountain deal unnecessary

Consevative Leader Andrew Scheer criticizes the government's decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan.

Carr says Canadians can have a healthy planet and a strong economy

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says that the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase can help Canadians achieve a clean environment and good jobs.

Trudeau: 'We're going to get that pipeline built'

PM Justin Trudeau tells reporters that the Trans Mountain expansion will be built as he heads into the weekly Tuesday Cabinet meeting.

At Issue: May 29 - special pipeline edition

When the federal government announces it's buying the Trans Mountain pipeline project for $4.5 billion, there's really only one thing to do: convene a special edition of At Issue to break down what it means for Ottawa, Alberta, British Columbia and Canadian taxpayers. Rosemary Barton hosts Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hébert and Althia Raj.

Elizabeth May pleads guilty to criminal contempt for pipeline protest

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has pleaded guilty in B.C. Supreme Court to criminal contempt for her role in a Trans Mountain pipeline protest and has been ordered to pay a $1,500 fine.

Crews cleaning up oil spill at Kinder Morgan station north of Kamloops, B.C.

Crews are working to clean up a crude oil spill at a Kinder Morgan station north of Kamloops, B.C.

Kinder Morgan pipeline deadline looms | Sunday Scrum

Kinder Morgan says the company will walk away if no deal is reached by Thursday, but the government says even if that happens, the pipeline is still full steam ahead

Trans Mountain pipeline fight: Can we ever be friends again?

Debate reveals constant push and pull it takes to keep a federation together.

Pro-pipeline supporters rally for Kinder Morgan project in Langley, B.C.

Demonstrators gathered in Langley to show support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

The Trans Mountain pipeline explained using Settlers of Catan

How the inter-provincial dispute plays out on a game board.

Trans Mountain issue

Cenovus CEO Alex Pourbaix says Canada's inability to build pipelines is driving away energy investment.

Trudeau insists pipeline will be built

B.C. and Alberta show no signs of changing their positions on the project, but the federal government continues to say the pipeline is in the national interest.

Economic benefits

David Chartrand of the Métis National Council on supporting the Trans Mountain pipeline.

B.C. sues Alberta over oil tap legislation

It's the latest move in the fight over the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

B.C. sues Alberta over turn-off-the-taps legislation

The B.C. government has filed a statement of claim in Alberta's Court of Queen's Bench over legislation that would allow Alberta to restrict oil and gas shipments to B.C.

Kinder Morgan pipeline protests in Washington state

Kinder Morgan pipeline protests took place in Washington state as Americans travelled to the border. CBC's Briar Stewart takes us there.

Polarizing week of pipeline politics | Sunday Scrum

Ottawa says it will cover any expenses related to B.C. obstruction of the Kinder Morgan project, as Alberta passes a bill that could lead to turning off the taps to B.C.

Trans Mountain pipeline may get taxpayer money? | At Issue

The Trans Mountain pipeline may get taxpayer money, after Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the federal government would compensate Kinder Morgan against political delays.

MAY 17, 2018. The pipeline feud continues.

David Moscrop, SFU political scientist, Zain Velji, political strategist with Northweather, Eric Adams, University of Alberta law professor, Eugene Kung, Staff Lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law, on what the next steps are for the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Pipeline politics: Kinder Morgan's losses could be covered by Liberals

Finance Minister Bill Morneau says the government is prepared to shield the company against unnecessary delays that are politically motivated.

Infrastructure project support

Sherena Hussain on how common it is for a government to backstop an infrastructure project without necessarily getting anything back.

Nenshi accuses Horgan of pandering to populism

Mayor Naheed Nenshi maintains that federal and provincial governments may need to back the pipeline to see it built.

The Round-up

Benj Gallander, president of Contra The Heard Investment Letter, on some of the day's top stories.

'What kind of help do you need?' Canadian banks eye Indigenous investment in pipeline expansion

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau confirmed his department is "engaging with Indigenous peoples,” but wouldn’t confirm if Ottawa will help or collaborate with First Nations to seek equity in the Trans Mountain expansion project.

Horgan: "I don't work for Kinder Morgan. I work for the people of British Columbia."

That's what B.C. Premier John Horgan had to say about missing Trans Mountain's May 31 deadline.

Bill Morneau on saving Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is tasked with saving the Trans Mountain pipeline. He speaks with CBC’s Wendy Mesley about the ongoing battle to get the pipeline expansion built, and how the outcome will affect the Liberals come election time.

Pipeline battle between B.C. and Alberta rages on | Sunday Scrum

The CEO of Kinder Morgan Canada says the fight between B.C. and Alberta is outside his company's ability to resolve

Rachel Notley says Kinder Morgan will build pipeline despite doubts

When asked if she thinks companies would step up if Kinder Morgan pulls out, Rachel Notley reiterated her belief the pipeline will likely be built by the Texas–​based proponent. Notley was in Fort McMurray on April 20th, 2018.

Pipeline politics force government to consider a Plan B | At Issue

Pipeline politics, and the fight to get the TransMountain pipeline built, is forcing the federal government to consider a Plan B. CBC News sources are now saying the government is courting other companies to invest in the project. The At Issue panel is joined by CBC's Chris Hall who is at the Liberal National Convention, where the party is trying to set its agenda for the next election.

At Issue: April 19

The pipeline spat is still going- and all sides are digging in. Sources are now saying that the federal government has a Plan B if Kinder Morgan drops out- they'll be courting other companies to invest. Chris Hall is live from the Liberal National Convention, where the leading party is trying to set its agenda for the next election- are they succeeding? And Kathleen Wynne accuses Doug Ford of being Donald Trump. Does that make her Hillary Clinton? Rosemary Barton hosts Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Chris Hall.

Pipeline concerns

Jim Davidson on how the Trans Mountain showdown might affect Canada's ability to attract international investment.

Jim Davidson says the oilpatch is happy that Ottawa may give Kinder Morgan financial assistance, but he says Ottawa should have taken other steps much sooner.

The deputy chairman of Calgary-based GMP FirstEnergy, an energy-focused investment bank., says he believes Kinder Morgan will move ahead with the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline.

Peter McKenzie-Brown on the tough task of building the TransCanada mainline pipeline in the 1950s through Ontario.

The oilsands historian says Alberta continues to need more pipelines as oil and gas production increases.

Trans Mountain tussle

Richard Masson of University of Calgary on Alberta's threat to cut the oil and gas supply to B.C.

Pipeline panel

John Manley and Gwyn Morgan on the politics and business of pipelines

Trudeau gives his definition of 'national interest': Chris Hall

Prime Minister Trudeau gave his definition of the national interest on Sunday, and it begins with a hotly disputed pipeline expansion that he’s determined to see built.

With Trans Mountain in doubt, pipelines to U.S. looking increasingly likely

After nearly a decade since the last major oil pipeline was built, and with existing ones brimming with crude, Canada's energy industry is wondering when and if any new lifelines to foreign markets will go into the ground.

#73: Protection

For some, it's their children or their prospect of having kids. For others, it's their land and community, their past and their future. This week, Piya speaks with people who stood up to defend what they value and asks: What would you do to protect what's important to you?

Two people on the front lines of Indigenous rights take different sides of the pipeline issue

One pipeline, two starkly different views — Kanahus Manuel and Stephen Buffalo are both passionate about protecting the future of First Nations communities, lands and cultures. But they’ve come to very different conclusions about how to do that.

At Issue: April 12

Pipelines politics are heating up- Justin Trudeau is heading back from Peru, where he was attending the Summit of the Americas, early. He plans to get Rachel Notley and John Horgan in a room together to work things out- but it's obvious which side he's on. And Maxime Bernier lost the Conservative leadership election, but he hasn't fallen off the map- a chapter from his forthcoming book is causing controversy. Rosemary Barton hosts Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Althia Raj.

Race for AFN national chief heats up as Trans Mountain opponent seeks candidacy

A prominent Mohawk policy analyst who opposes the Trans Mountain pipeline and the Justin Trudeau government’s direction on the Indigenous file plans to run in the upcoming election to lead the country’s most influential First Nation organization.

"This is a crisis," says CEPA about how Kinder Morgan is struggling to construct the Trans Mountain expansion.

Chris Bloomer calls on the federal government to ensure the expansion of Trans Mountain.

Trudeau says Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be built

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will be built, after Kinder Morgan said Sunday it was suspending the project. CBC's Briar Stewart has more on the story.

Taking Trans Mountain fight to Supreme Court a 'showpiece,' says Notley

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has called a move by the City of Burnaby to take its fight against construction of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the Supreme Court a “showpiece” that has no hope of success.

Officer allegedly chased, pushed while trying to arrest anti-pipeline protester

A Burnaby Mountie was injured this weekend after he was chased and then pushed to the ground while trying to make an arrest at a protest against the Trans Mountain pipeline, police say.

The Roundup

Benj Gallander of Contra The Heard Investment Letter on some of the day's top stories

Federal court rejects B.C. government's appeal against NEB's local bylaw ruling

The provincial government says the Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed its application to appeal an NEB ruling that allows Kinder Morgan to bypass City of Burnaby bylaws during construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Pipeline opponents make special delivery to MP's office


Q&A: Prices at the pump will rise because of Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Gas prices around the Lower Mainland recently spiked to more than $1.50 a litre and a well-known economist says this is just the beginning.

19 arrested at Trans Mountain pipeline protest site in Burnaby, B.C.

A 70-year-old man who climbed 20 metres up a tree was one of 19 demonstrators arrested by Burnaby RCMP Monday. Activists are planning a week of protests against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Saskatchewan would support Alberta's decision to turn off oil taps

Saskatchewan's premier says he'd stand by Alberta if its government decides to turn off the oil taps over the ongoing pipeline dispute with British Columbia.

Catherine McKenna says Trans Mountain pipeline expansion will make B.C. coast safer

When asked about B.C. Premier John Horgan's stance on the project, the federal environment minister said "overheated rhetoric" was not helpful.

B.C. recruits noted constitutional lawyer for court action over Trans Mountain expansion

The province announced Monday that Joseph Arvay has been appointed external counsel for B.C. in a reference case that could establish whether or not B.C. can restrict bitumen transported through the province.

Provincial power plays: B.C. and Alberta test the boundaries in pipeline debate

At the heart of the cooling dispute between Alberta and B.C. were two provinces flexing their muscles, testing the limits of their powers.

'Science is being ignored:' prominent Alberta professor sides with B.C. on pipeline

Despite the tough stance from Alberta Premier Rachel Notley about Kinder Morgan Canada's pipeline expansion, a prominent Alberta academic is taking British Columbia's side in the dispute.

B.C. to appeal NEB ruling on Trans Mountain bylaw

The provincial government is appealing the National Energy Board's ruling that allows Kinder Morgan to bypass City of Burnaby bylaws during construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Burnaby seeks appeal over tree-cutting permits involving Trans Mountain pipeline

The City of Burnaby wants to appeal a National Energy Board decision that exempts Kinder Morgan from local land and tree clearance bylaws in the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

NEB clears Trans Mountain to begin pipeline tunnel work at Burnaby Mountain

The National Energy Board says work can begin on construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline's tunnel entrance at Burnaby Mountain — as long as the company has permits from three levels of government.

Ottawa could offer incentives to get B.C. to relent on Trans Mountain

The minister of natural resources says he's not closing the door on offering incentives to British Columbia in an effort to cool the heated battle raging over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Call for more oil spill research not a delaying tactic, says B.C. NDP

B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman says the call for more research into spilled bitumen isn't a delaying tactic — it's in the best interest of British Columbians.

No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says

'The only way we can get any of those things is if we do all three of those things together,' Justin Trudeau said ahead of a town hall meeting in Nanaimo.

Nenshi responds to B.C. pipeline dispute

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi weighed in on the pipeline dispute between Alberta and B.C. on Thursday.

Protester arrested after alleged security breach at Kinder Morgan tank farm

A protester was arrested at the Kinder Morgan tank farm in Burnaby early Friday morning, after police say he got inside a fenced-off area and pushed a security guard.

Pipeline protesters block trucks from entering Burnaby marine terminal

A group calling themselves the "Justin Trudeau Brigade" gathered Thursday morning outside the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby. The protesters are blocking vehicle access to the terminal with the goal of stopping construction on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project.

Kinder Morgan and Burnaby clash in NEB hearing over Trans Mountain project

Kinder Morgan Canada and Burnaby, B.C., clashed in a National Energy Board's hearing room Monday over the fate of local permitting for the controversial Trans Mountain expansion project.

Kinder Morgan erects razor wire fence around Trans Mountain terminal in Burrard Inlet

Over a kilometre of fencing surrounds Kinder Morgan's marine oil terminal as the facility undergoes construction for expansion.

First Nations begin court challenge against Trans Mountain pipeline

First Nations, environmental groups and local governments appeared in the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver Monday continuing their fight against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

B.C. government files papers in legal challenge against Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

The NDP government officially filed its application for intervener status in federal court challenges against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion on Tuesday.

The B.C. government could frustrate Kinder Morgan, says James Coleman

There are countless permits the company will need from the provincial government and that's one way politicians could slow down pipeline construction, says the energy law professor.

B.C. government has no legal tools to stop Kinder Morgan, says Fenner Stuart

The University of Calgary energy law professor says inter-provincial pipelines are clearly the federal government's jurisdiction.

Protests, court challenges, B.C. recount: Trans Mountain IPO comes at awkward time for Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan's plan to raise money for its Trans Mountain expansion through an initial public offering could not come at a more awkward time.

Justin Trudeau on what the B.C. election result means for pipeline projects

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to the B.C. election results and whether it could jeopardize Kinder Morgan's TransMountain pipeline

Pipeline politics: How an NDP victory in B.C. could divide Canada's left

An NDP victory in the B.C. provincial election on May 9 — a distinct possibility, if you believe the current polls — would put progressive parties in charge of Canada's two westernmost provinces. But it could also spark a conflict with electoral ramifications in Alberta and beyond.

Kinder Morgan serves notice to landowners on pipeline route

Letters to be mailed to property owners outline how their land will be used for the pipeline expansion.

Kinder Morgan opponents launch chilly social media challenge

Opponents to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion are jumping into freezing cold water and showcasing it on social media to gain exposure for their cause.

KM Challenge draws inspiration from 2014 Ice Bucket campaign

Kesia Nagata of the Kispiox River valley is showing her love for clean water and opposition to the Kinder Morgan expansion project but ran into trouble when the local swimming hole hasn't quite thawed enough yet to technically "submerge."

City council set to vote on taking province to court over Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

Vancouver councillor Adriane Carr has introduced a motion requesting a judicial review of the province's approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

National Energy Board review panel comes to Vancouver

A government-appointed committee to review the National Energy Board comes to Vancouver to gather public feedback.

Kinder Morgan revenue sharing deal could cause provincial feuds, expert says

A revenue-sharing agreement that helped convince British Columbia to support the $6.8 billion Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion threatens to tear the fabric of country, says a resource policy expert.