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Roasted honey miso eggplant flatbread with fresh zucchini salad

Beaucoup Bakery has been using local honey form Hives for Humanity to inspire a whole new set of baked creations. Jackie Kai Ellis demonstrates a few samples.

Tartine & Maple's authentic meatballs are deliciously simple

Renowned culinary artist Valentine Kitamura aims to 'demystify' the kitchen.

Sarah Britton's Creamy brussels sprout slaw with apple and toasted almonds

Renowned holistic nutritionist and food blogger Sarah Britton's latest cookbook Naturally Nourished features dishes meant to kickstart your cravings for natural foods.
Our Vancouver

Former MasterChef contestant serves up wild game at Vancouver Boatshow

Tammy Wood is an avid wild game hunter, mother of six, and former contestant on MasterChef Canada. She stopped by Our Vancouver to share her recipes for authentic Salmon Ceviche, and her Jamaican Jerk Style Crocodile. Recipes included!

Chefs tackle compost cuisine to honour new NFB film

A new National Film Board film profiles world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura as he uses food waste to create gourmet meals. In honour of the film's screening, local chefs are putting their own spin on using food scraps.

Indulge in the tastes of China with this black mushroom veggie roll

A new cookbook by Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan features more than 600 authentic Chinese dishes using traditional ingredients.
Recipe Exchange

This cheesy bacon and potato casserole is a deliciously simple holiday side

North by Northwest's annual holiday recipe exchange features all sorts of delicious dishes, including this homemade recipe for a cheesy potato casserole, by CBC's own Belle Puri.
Recipe Exchange

Grandma's classic turkey stuffing will take your bird to the next level

This classic family dinner dish submitted by Sharon Reynolds for North by Northwest's Recipe Exchange is a holiday staple.
Recipe Exchange

Savoury holiday dishes featured in annual recipe exchange

Looking for a great recipe that will add some of that holiday magic to the family dinner table? Have no fear, North by Northwest listeners submitted their favourite home-cooked dishes for all to enjoy!

How to make Bobbette & Belle's decadent caramel apple cake

Allyson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell from Bobbette & Belle's Cooking Club share their recipe for caramel apple cake, which includes a classic caramel apple and mouthwatering caramel frosting.

Recipe: Sweet potato and quinoa burgers

Recipe from mother-and-daughter duo who run the popular Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and Lettuce Love Cafe, two popular vegan and gluten-free stores in Burlington, Ontario.

Recipe for a cheesy snack inspired by the 'Outlander' book series

Pender Island author Theresa Carle-Sanders has written a cookbook full of recipes inspired by the characters, events and 18th-century food in the popular historical time-travel books.
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The Dirty Apron shares recipe for braised beef short ribs

The Vancouver delicatessen and cooking school has launched a new theme for its Friday Night Bites series, which features ingredients special to this province.
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Founder of Spot Prawn Festival shares recipe

Chef Robert Clark shares a delicious spot prawn recipe and discusses wine pairings.

Recipe: Welsh griddle cakes, perfected in a B&B on Haida Gwaii

Poet and author Susan Musgrave has written a cookbook celebrating Haida Gwaii's food and people.

Recipes: How to add seeds, nuts and beans to vegetarian or meat dishes

Cookbook author Nettie Cronish shares recipes for maple-chipotle popcorn and sesame crusted salmon with Asian greens and tamari dressing.

Recipe: Lemongrass soup with shrimp and young coconut

Vancouver's Pailin Chongchitnant shares a delicious (but hot!) recipe from her cookbook Hot Thai Kitchen, named for her popular YouTube show

Raspberry curd tarts recipe inspired by Anne of Green Gables

North by Northwest wants to know about your favourite books with memorable food-related passages.

Recipe: Mushroom curry with coconut from cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey

"I’d always felt that India has the best vegetarian food in the world," said Madhur Jaffrey, who travelled the subcontinent to find more recipes

Recipe: Quinoa puffed onion rings

“They are healthier than the typical onion rings you get in pubs ... and that was our intention, because I love onion rings," said Fresh restaurant founder Ruth Tal.

Holiday baking: Grebel, a German pastry, from North by Northwest's recipe exchange

Each week host Sheryl MacKay has compiled listeners' recipes and shared some on North by Northwest

Recipe: Nigella Lawson's sweet potato and chickpea dip

One of the chapters in her new cookbook Simply Nigella is titled 'Bowl Food' because, 'I very much enjoy the rather inelegant shovelling of food into my mouth from a bowl,' Nigella Lawson said.
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Recipe: Make a delicious holiday meal just for two

Angie Quaale of gourmet food store Well Seasoned demonstrates how to cook a ham and cauliflower gratin, accompanied by a champagne vinaigrette and eggnog crème brûlée

Holiday baking: Chocolate caramel squares, from North by Northwest's recipe exchange

Each week host Sheryl MacKay will compile listeners' recipes and share some on North by Northwest

Recipe: Thai-style stir-fried eggplant with honey and garlic

Wild foods and foraging expert Bill Jones shares a delicious recipe from The Deerholme Vegetable Cookbook

Holiday baking: Grandma's ginger snaps, from North by Northwest's recipe exchange

Each week host Sheryl MacKay will compile listeners' recipes and share some on North by Northwest

Holiday baking: North by Northwest wants your recipes to share

Each week host Sheryl MacKay will compile listeners' recipes and share some on North by Northwest
Our Vancouver

Comfort food: ​3 tasty and simple slow cooker recipes

Gourmet food store owner Angie Quaale says the trick to successful slow cooking is knowing how to place your recipe's ingredients into the crock-pot.

Recipe: Butternut squash pasta with bacon and sage brown butter

Cookbook author and food writer Alana Chernila shares this delicious recipe that looks fancy but can easily be prepared almost entirely in the oven.

Recipe: Victoria sponge cake, from English Tarts café in Mission

A delicious egg-and-butter cake, from the two English women who run the popular English Tarts café in Mission.

Recipe: Chef turns food waste into fine dining

Vancouver chief David Gunawan is turning fine dining on its head by making a feast from what society deems as garbage.

Recipe: Michel Roux' chicken & mushroom vol-au-vent

The award-winning chef, who has a three Michelin-star restaurant in England, shares a recipe from his new cookbook 'The Essence of French Cooking'

Recipe: Halibut cheeks, pan-roasted with prawns and aioli

Halibut cheek isn't the most common cut of the fish, but if you can get it fresh, it's a substantial, meaty dish, says Chef David Robertson.

Recipe: Butter chicken with ginger-garlic masala

Daksha Narsing, who runs Daksha’s Gourmet Spices, shares one of her popular recipes on North by Northwest

Recipe: Pink grapefruit tart recipe is excellent complement for hot summer

Cookbook author Dorie Greenspan shares her recipe for this delicious pastry.

Recipe: Citrus-marinated BBQ lamb perfect for summer

Victoria, B.C. restaurateur Mike Murphy shares his go-to dish for summer entertaining.

Recipe: Father's Day BBQ sweet black bean sauce with a twist

Food writer and blogger Stephanie Yuen shares Asian-inspired BBQ recipe for Father's Day.

Recipe: Chia pudding with fruit and golden honey elixir

As a ship captain's daughter of Indian descent, Canadian food blogger and cookbook author Tara O'Brady grew up navigating through culinary boundaries.

Recipe: Spot prawn salad with Haskap berry pickle

May and June mean one thing for seafood lovers in B.C.: Spot prawns. Chef Ned Bell shares his recipe for how he likes them done.

Recipe: Heirloom tomato bisque with green pea pesto

Vanilla is often thought of as a dessert but a new cookbook is hoping to change the way people consider the flavouring.

Recipe: Rosie Alyea's Sweetapolita 'best-ever' buttermilk cake

Rosie Alyea's new cake book features a number of her favourite recipes including her take on the classical buttermilk cake.