Vancouver pedestrian struck

A pile of personal belongings lies in the street mid-block on Broadway, west of Main. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

An 81-year-old man jaywalking across East Broadway in the rain, who was struck and killed by a vehicle Thursday night, was Vancouver's first pedestrian fatality of the year

ICBC says nearly one in five people killed in car crashes in the province are pedestrians and the winter period sees more pedestrian injuries compared to the summer months. 

The most dangerous intersections

In the Lower Mainland, 33 pedestrians are killed and 1,700 injured in crashes on average every year. The majority — 82 per cent — of crashes involving pedestrians occur at intersections.

Based on ICBC data from 2009 to 2013, the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians is Main and Hastings, which had 27 crashes. 

  • Main Street and Hastings East: 27 crashes
  • Main Street and Terminal Avenue: 18 crashes
  • Commercial Drive and East Broadway: 16 crashes