Top 10 crash intersections of 2013 revealed for Lower Mainland

The Insurance Corporation of B.C. has disclosed the Lower Mainland’s most dangerous intersections of 2013 - and the worst crash hot spot was in Burnaby, B.C..

ICBC reveals most dangerous intersection in Lower Mainland in 2013 was in Burnaby, B.C.

The Insurance Corporation of B.C. has disclosed the Lower Mainland’s most dangerous intersections of 2013 and the worst crash hot spot was in Burnaby.

Six of the intersections named were at on- and off-ramps at busy sections of the Trans-Canada Highway, also known as Highway 1.

The most dangerous intersection was the Willingdon Avenue on- and off-ramps and turning lane in Burnaby, B.C., which saw 350 collisions.

“The one thing about the Highway 1 ramps is that they’re high volume areas, so there are a lot of decisions going on, a lot of opportunities for conflict,” said John Dickinson, Director of Road Safety for ICBC.

Another major issue is distracted driving. Dickinson says drivers are increasingly paying attention to their mobile devices instead of the road.

“If you’re in a slow-moving area like an on-ramp, and if it’s stop and go traffic, people may be tempted to check their devices and not pay attention,” said Dickinson.

Vancouver police agree that distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of dangerous driving.

According to Const. Brian Montague, Vancouver police wrote 10,000 traffic violation tickets for people using an electronic device while driving last year.

“Stay off cell phones, don’t follow too closely, follow the signage, pay attention to the rules of the road and be courteous to other drivers,” says Montague.

Dickinson said recent improvements along the Trans-Canada Highway seem to be improving the flow of traffic, but it won’t be possible to confirm this until the 2014 numbers come in.

"We’re optimistic with new engineering in these intersections that we will see improvements in crash rates there."

Top 10 crash intersections in the Lower Mainland in 2013

  1. Willingdon Ave and Trans-Canada Hwy - 350 collisions
  2. Brunette Ave and Trans-Canada Hwy - 340 collisions
  3. Gaglardi Way and Trans-Canada Hwy - 250 collisions
  4. Knight St Bridge & SE Marine Dr - 230 collisions
  5. Trans-Canada HWY & 264 St & 56 Ave - 220 collisions
  6. Kensington Ave & Trans-Canada Hwy - 210 collisions
  7. Trans-Canada Hwy & 232 St & 72 Ave - 190 collisions
  8. King George Blvd & 88 Ave - 180 collisions
  9. King George Blvd & 128 St - 170 collisions
  10. King George Blvd & 72 Ave - 160 collisions

Source: ICBC Quick Statistics Report, which attributes these figures to Business Information Warehouse.

According to that report, crash counts of more than one hundred have been rounded and counts exclude crashes that occurred in parking lots or involved parked vehicles.


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