WARNING: This story contains a graphic image of a dead beaver in a trap

A debate is brewing in Langley Township over how best to deal with nuisance beavers.

Last month a provincially licensed trapper was hired by the township after several problematic beaver dams were discovered to be backing up the storm drain system in the Gloucester Industrial Park.

But some citizens expressed concern when a dead beaver was discovered in a trap set near trails frequented by dog walkers.

As well, the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals has come forward asking for Langley Township to end the lethal trapping.

Last night councilor Bob Long introduced a motion asking city staff to look into different methods of dealing with the pesky problem.

"The mitigation methods that were brought forward last night talk about pond levelers and tunnels and doing alterations to the landscape to try and stop the beavers from building the dams so high," Long told CBC News. 

"Trapping is a last resort in our statutes," said Councillor Charlie Fox, noting that there are around 20 other areas in the district where beaver management practices such as pond levelers are in use, mitigating any beaver-caused flooding and allowing the large rodents and humans to coexist.

City staff will report to council at a future date.

With files from Kamil Karamali