Rebecca J. Rubin, an accused eco-terrorist wanted by the FBI, is believed to be in Vancouver. ((FBI))

A $50,000 US reward has led to several credible tips that a suspect in a decade old eco-terrorism case may be hiding out in Vancouver, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation says.

Rebecca J.  Rubin, 35, was one of four people charged in the multimillion-dollar arson attack on a ski resort in Vail, Col., in 1998.

The Canadian citizen has family in the Vancouver area, according to FBI special agent Jason Pack. Previously, the FBI had said she might be in the Nelson area.

"I believe she may have seen some of the publicity or at least heard about it from some associates. So I think she knows that we're looking for her," Pack said.

Since the reward was offered in November the FBI has received several credible tips that corrected descriptions of Rubin and offered details that match the background they have on her, Pack said.

"If she wants to turn herself in that would be great, too, but again there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to her arrest," he said.

A federal grand Jury in Eugene, Or., indicted Rubin in 2006 on charges of conspiracy to commit arson of United States government property and of property used in interstate commerce, conspiracy to destroy an energy facility, arson of a building and attempted arson of a building.