A North Vancouver woman accused of setting traps for mountain bikes on some popular trails is expected to plead guilty at a hearing later this year, according to her lawyer.

Tineke Kraal, 64, is facing three criminal charges including setting a trap, mischief to property and mischief endangering life.

She was allegedly caught on camera in January and December intentionally laying logs, branches and rocks on two popular North Shore mountain bike trails.

Her lawyer Peter Martins told CBC News that Kraal plans to plead guilty and he expects the date for the sentencing hearing later this year will be set on Wednesday.

North Shore trail camera

Two mountain bikers used a wildlife camera to capture images of a woman allegedly dragging obstructions onto some popular mountain bike trails. (Walleater)

"We will advise the court that we are seeking dates for a guilty plea," Martins said yesterday.

Mountain bikers set a trap for trapper

Kraal was arrested in January after two mountain bikers became concerned about obstructions such as logs and rocks they were finding placed along the Quarry and Lower Skull trails on Mt. Fromme.

The mountain bikers bought some remote security cameras to install on the trails, with the aim of capturing images of the culprit.

North Vancouver RCMP said the bikers brought them the video evidence, and Kraal was arrested leaving the trails early Sunday morning, on Jan. 4.

Skull trail North Vancouver

Mountain biker Paulo Costa descends a section of Lower Skull trail on North Vancouver's Mt. Fromme. (Paulo Costa/YouTube)