TimberWest forestry contractor dies at Bonanza Lake site near Port McNeill, B.C.

A TimberWest forestry contractor has died on the job at the company's Bonanza Lake site near Port McNeill, B.C.

Company says it will suspend operations across province on Monday for one day

TimberWest calls the workplace death of a contractor at a tree harvesting site on North Vancouver Island a "tragic accident." (CBC)

A man has died at a tree-harvesting operation on northern Vancouver Island.

TimberWest has released a statement saying the fatal incident took place Friday afternoon at the company's Bonanza Lake site near Port McNeill.

The man is identified only as an employee of one of TimberWest's contractors.

In the statement, TimberWest CEO Jeff Zweig calls the event a tragic accident.

"We express our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues touched by this," Zweig said. "Our industry is tightly knit and the pain from this loss is felt throughout."

Spokeswoman Monica Bailey says the company will suspend operations across the province Monday out of respect for those involved in the incident.

"Forest communities tend to be very small and people who work in forestry tend to know one another quite well," she said. "It's a heartbreaking moment for all community members on the Island and for forestry in general."

Bailey would not provide the cause of death, saying only the man was moving his equipment at the time. She says grief counselling will be provided to workers at Bonanza Lake.

The company also says it has "lent its full support to authorities in the ongoing investigation," of the death.


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