Three more sentenced for Stanley Cup riot roles

A Vancouver Provincial Court judge sentenced three Stanley Cup rioters as Vancouver police announced a new round of riot-related charges against another 40 people Friday.

Police now seeking charges against 40 more in June 2011 riot

The sister and mother of Willmar Renderos, of Surrey, B.C., say he is not a bad man 2:39

A Vancouver Provincial Court judge sentenced three Stanley Cup rioters Friday, as Vancouver police announced a new round of riot-related charges against another 40 people.

Two rioters received conditional sentences for their actions around a Blenz Coffee store on June 15, 2011.

Chelsea Andrews, of Surrey, B.C., received a three-month conditional sentence and must perform 100 hours of community service. 

Eric Hodson, of Langley, B.C., was handed a six-month conditional sentence. Both have been banned from any Blenz Coffee location in B.C. for one year.

Another rioter, Willmar Ovando-Renderos, was sentenced to 45 days, to be served on weekends starting immediately.

His family was shocked at the sentence and was quick to defend the Surrey, B.C., man outside the courthouse.

"My brother's innocent. Other people, they've done worse. My brother has done nothing," his sister said.

In court, Ovando-Renderos admitted kicking an Audi, throwing objects at windows, and stealing three purses. Video evidence at the scene showed him with his face covered by a bandana.

Ovando-Renderos' mother asked the public to remember that everyone of the accused and convicted is someone's son or daughter.

"My son is [a] good person. He is not the bad person that you see in the video," she said.

Several others have already pleaded guilty for their part in the riot, which took place in downtown Vancouver on the same night the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

The Crown has indicated it will be appealing what it considers lenient sentences for two of those men.

The Crown wanted a nine-month jail term for one man who got 60 days, to be served on weekends, while another got 90 days in jail on weekends although the Crown asked for a six-month sentence.

Over 300 implicated

The case loads are expected to increase further now that Vancouver police have recommended 168 more charges against another 40 people in connection with the June 2011 riot.

Riot police fired tear gas to control a mob that turned violent in downtown Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final to the Bruins. (Anthony Bolante/Reuters)

"I hope that news of more rioters facing charges brings a small measure of comfort to victims of the riot," said Insp. Laurence Rankin.

The department has now recommended 1,040 charges against a total of 315 people.

The charges include mischief, assault and arson resulting from the mayhem that included cars being set on fire, stores being looted and windows broken.

Police say they are still receiving tips, including video and photos from the riot, and some have come from suspected rioters' family members.

With files from the CBC's Jason Proctor and The Canadian Press