The West Kootenay community of Johnsons Landing was dealt yet another blow after the former residents discovered four properties still under an evacuation order were hit by thieves over the weekend.

The community was devastated by a landslide in July that killed four people and buried several homes and properties.

Now, residents say the homes hit hardest by the slide, have been hit again this weekend. Kate O'Keefe and her husband have lived in the community for 25 years and said she's never witnessed the scale of theft.

Her husband owns one of the properties and was checking it when he discovered the damage.

"He was completely devastated. So am I," said O'Keefe, " I think it's such a despicable low down thing that somebody could do to people who have lost so much in their lives."

O'Keefe said a snowplow and a mower for an ATV were taken, windows were smashed, locks broken, tools and smaller personal items were taken.

O'Keefe said RCMP were called to the scene, but police said it still wasn't safe to enter two of the four properties to investigate.